About us

Welcome to "The Find @ Fulshear".

The Find is a collection of unique items that evoke a particular vintage feel, and timeless appeal, and cozy comfort.

Refresh-Renew soy candles began in 2016.  The goal was a candle that burned clean, and had a unique scent reminiscent of a favorite shopping haunt.  After experimenting with waxes and scents, and testing them out on friends, we took a few dozen to the antique show in Warrenton, TX and sold out.  All candles are made in small batches, and are hand poured.  The main scent is our volcano-light, but several new scents are in the works using essential oils.  

Apothecary Soap Bottles have become a Find tradition--utilizing vintage-feel findings as unique adornments, each bottle is one-of-a-kind and hand-painted and adorned to be a special statement piece.  We utilize stainless, metal pumps and both new bottles and a variety of repurposed bottles.  

Vintage Vases-are repurposed with rustic roses and metallic finishes.

Located in the heart of Texas, with an obsession for antiquing and junque, The Find has been a 20-year dream in the making...pursuing a way to collect, re-purpose and inspire all in one place.

  • Find us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/thefindatfulshear/
  • online at:  www.thefindatfulshear.com
  • Email us at:  sales@thefindatfulshear.com
  • And see our Instagram page at: @refreshrenew